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  • $124.00

    Manos Zapotecas: Radiance Holly Purse

    The Holly is the perfect smaller purse fit for everyday use, with elegant leather side panels that add a chic touch to a classic style. It has two leather handles, a zip closure and a lined interior with one pocket.

    Radiance features lightning designs in turquoise, teal deep sea blue and purple.

    Handwoven by Malena

    ((picture and information taken from Manos Zapotecas website))

  • $95.00

    Manos Zapotecas: Shadows + Diamonds Isabel Purse

    The Isabel is a sweet and simple compact purse that fits more than you’d expect. It has a zip closure and a lined interior with one pocket.

    Shadows + Diamonds features butterfly, agave, lightning and arrow designs in subtle shades of blue and beige.

    Handwoven by Maria and Jose Luis.

    ((Information taken from Manos Zapotecas website along with the picture))

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    Up-fuse Upcycled Twin Backpack

    The uniqueness of this backpack is not only a result of upcycling plastic bags but also because it was made by local artisans, both of whom, because of your support, have a renewed purpose and consistent gains.

    Note: Each backpack is unique and may vary in color from image shown.