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    Heshima Kenya: Angie Black and White


    Large – 32″ x 88″

    Infinity – 15″ x 45″

    Fabric: Cotton/Rayon blend

    Caring for your scarf:

    Maisha scarves will not lose color. You can wash by hand or machine and hang dry. Refresh the scarf by ironing or steaming.

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    Inkkas: Patagonia Slip Ons

    Where land ends and the sea joins the sky in the southernmost point of South America, Patagonia is a land who’s beauty is too vast to be contained.
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    Inkkas: Slate Slip Ons

    Introducing the 2016 Slate Slip Ons! Slate is another Inkkas classic that is celebrating its third launch anniversary this year. Incorporating that cool grey feeling with an intense splash of the full color spectrum, the 2016 Slate Slip Ons radiant vibrance and excitement.

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    Lenana Olive Harem Pants

    • Olive and beige elephant print harem pants
    • High elastic waist and ankles
    • 2 external pockets
    • 100% lightweight wood pulp rayon
    • Handmade with love in Thailand
    • Model is 5′ 9″ wearing a size small
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    Malia Design: Lite Grey Elephant Long Wallet

    Perfect wallet for everyday use! The unique, screen printed design is fun and fashionable.

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    Manos Zapotecas: Radiance Holly Purse

    The Holly is the perfect smaller purse fit for everyday use, with elegant leather side panels that add a chic touch to a classic style. It has two leather handles, a zip closure and a lined interior with one pocket.

    Radiance features lightning designs in turquoise, teal deep sea blue and purple.

    Handwoven by Malena

    ((picture and information taken from Manos Zapotecas website))