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For our next blog post we wanted to discuss the principles of fair trade. The Golden Rule boutique is different from other boutiques because it is ethical. Every product sold through us is upheld to the 10 principles of fair trade. I truly believe that if people took time to understand why fair trade is different, they would more often buy fair trade. We need to start by educating ourselves and not making fast fashion something taboo to talk about. This is a real problem in our world.

I’ll give it to you straight.

I’ll first give you the name of the principle and hopefully simplify it in layman’s terms so that we can all understand it.  The wording can be tricky so hang tight 😉 We can all learn something about where our products are coming from!!


  1. Creating opportunities for economically disadvantaged producers.
    • The World Fair trade organization wants to help decrease poverty by assisting the people that need it the most. That means the most disadvantaged people that don’t have any other opportunities are often used to help make cooperatives to make fair trade clothing or work on fair trade farms. These are people that often would never be able to get a job if fair trade opportunities did not step in.
  2. Transparency and accountability.
    • This is saying that all steps of the process for any products are able to be explained. Often through non fair trade products, producers do not want to say where their clothing is made because it is in terrible conditions. The workers are being exploited. When there aren’t any sweatshops, the companies are willing to tell the customers the process. The transparency is not just for the customers but also for the workers. They are able to be involved in the decision making along with stakeholders.
  3. Trade relations
    • There is a focus on maintaining long term relationships with small producers. Free trade would often look for the cheapest price and if they found something even cheaper would ditch the original party. There is no commitment to long term relationships or long term contracts. These producers would never know how long their job was going to last because of this type of relationship. Fair trade solves many problems, including this one.
  4. Payment of a fair price
    • For each country this means something different secondary to the cost of living in each area. However, the workers agree to this because there is a constant dialogue on pay and benefits. There is also equal pay for men and women!
  5. Ensuring no child or forced labor
    • No explanation needed for this one! BUT the only way to know any of our products are not using forced or child labor IS THROUGH FAIR TRADE!
  6. Non-Discrimination, Gender Equity and Freedom of Association
    • During the hiring process and throughout work with a fair trade organization there is no toleration for any discrimination in any way. This includes gender, race, caste, disability, or age.
  7. Ensuring good working conditions
    • Because of fair trade there is always a safe and healthy working environment for producers and artisans.
  8. Providing capacity building
    • Fair trade wants to do its best to help its producers in a specific way. Each cooperative is served differently for their specific needs. It could mean assisting with management skills or making room in the budget for a daycare.
  9. Promoting fair trade
    • Honest advertising is used to help promote fair trade, show transparency and all the benefits that fair trade has to offer.
  10. Respect for the environment
    • Fair trade companies focus on sustainability and using raw materials. These companies are working hard to decrease their impact on the environment. Upfuse is just one example of a company that we work with that is using recycled plastic bags to make backpacks, totes, and clutches.

Basically, fair trade does what we all pretend to think that all companies do. Let’s stop pretending. Shop fair trade. Put your money into something that matters.


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