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By: Jackie Costello

I stumbled upon Bianca Taylor more than a year ago. I’m not quite sure how I found her but remember following her on Instagram because she was one of the few female vegan fitness inspirations that I could find. She is super relatable and started her own company, Vegan Fitness, with her boyfriend. And quite frankly I needed some inspo in this department as I was transitioning from vegetarian to vegan and still had my own skepticism of it being possible. If you look at her insta you would not have any skepticism either, she’s had major gains all while being 100% plant based.  She still inspires me today because sometimes I let eggs or cheese sneak into my diet and when I need to get back on track she is one of the first place I look.

Bianca recently started her own podcast called Badassbabe Radio where she talks about self love. She interviews other women on the podcast to share their stories, sometimes about eating disorders, veganism, self love, as well as a variety of other topics. The goal is to inspire and empower their audience. I enjoy the podcasts because no matter what level of self journey you are on I think every story is something that women of all ages can relate to. I have never had an eating disorder, but I do think that it is something that could easily happen. Even thought I have never actually done it, I have thought about what it would be like to throw up my food. After watching, “To The Bone” on Netflix I practically envied the main character because I would never have the “willpower” to not eat. As abnormal these thoughts are, I think for women they are pretty “normal”.

It’s really cool to see the deeper level of Bianca besides her insta pictures. Some of them half naked twerking. But, she has always been very transparent and shares her stories in her captions. Hearing her real voice tell a story is so different. When you are writing long Instagram captions or blog posts you can go back and edit things several times (like I am currently doing with this blog post!). On a conversational podcast, you can’t go back and edit your response several times. To me, it’s more real. I have gotten to know Bianca much more easily on the podcast than I have through her Instagram and I love her more and more every episode.

Bianca recently brought on Dr. Danielle Belardo, M.D, a second year fellow of cardiology. (Podcast episode titled “Female Empowerment and Women in Medicine”) As Bianca was introducing the doctor, she mentioned that people might not take the doctor seriously because she is a pretty blonde. Dr. Belardo went into talk about how just 50 years ago 6% of the population in medical school was female. Today, the gap has lessened but because of that difference just recently narrowing, our culture does not necessarily expect women to be doctors. 50 years is not a long time for change.

Danielle goes on to talk about what it is like in the hospital she works at. When she is talking to her patients and has a physician’s assistant by her side that is male, say things like “that’s nice, but I’d like to hear what the doctor says” and turn to the male PA.  Danielle will correct the patient and they apologize for not realizing. Later on in the day Danielle will check on the patient and they will be on the phone and say things like “sorry hold on, the nurse just came in”. And this is nothing against nurses, but why assume that just because she is female- that she is a nurse? Even female patients do it!

Bianca spoke about a similarity between the fitness industry. Bianca and her boyfriend Nimai started Vegan Fitness together, and she was an entrepreneur before the two paired up. Yet, when they are at events, people turn to Nimai and ask him when he started the website, etc.

I love being a part of the San Diego Chamber of Commerce. I joined just over 2 years ago because I wanted to be around like minded people, entrepreneurs, business owners. When I opened The Golden Rule, I was coming from a world of science and occupational therapy, not a world of business. I thought the best way to learn was to surround myself with people who were doing similar things. As much as I have learned from everyone in the chamber, I can’t help but laugh when the exact same situation with Bianca and Nimai, happens to my husband and I.

My husband, Jim, has a good job at TD Ameritrade and currently, is not a business owner. Jim often is my guest at Chamber events. We often use it as a date night, when our weeks are often packed with not much time for one another. At every chamber event, at least once, we introduce ourselves to someone and the person asks who we are, what we do, etc. They are often much more interested in Jimmy and ask him about his job. People often assume I am the guest. I am extremely proud of my husband, he works his butt off. It is a great time for him to do networking of his own, and he has made some great connections. BUT the point is that, people look at my husband first before asking me what I do. I am assumed to be the guest because I am female and we are married. This is something real happening in the business world. One solution would be to not bring my husband to chamber events so that he does not outshine me. But I think bringing light to how we talk to people is another solution. 50 years of change is great, but not long enough.

This is something he has noticed, as well. He often says things like “I’m just a guest, but my wife has started her own business”.  People don’t do it on purpose and it is often subtle, they probably don’t even realize they are doing it. Just like Bianca’s and Danielle’s situations. I am not personally offended- we often go home laughing about it. It is happening in every industry. I am the one who is in the Chamber and I am the one who owns a business. (Two by the way, I just opened my second recently.)

I bet my bossbabe followers have encountered similar situations. We need to speak up. These are subtleties, but they happen. To all women, in different industries and situations. And we might even unintentionally do it to each other. We have bridged the gap from 50 years ago. But more changes are needed. We need to understand how we are talking to one another and see where we are making assumptions.

Has this ever happened to you? Share with us in the comments!



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