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Review: The True Cost

By Alyssa Burlingame Disclaimer: all facts presented in this article come from the documentary itself. The True Cost is a documentary looking at the global fashion industry. I’m new to learning about the fashion industry and what it means to be fashion-conscious, and after watching this documentary I understand more than ever why being fashion […]

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What Robert Kiyosaki says about Cheap Labor in “Cashflow Quadrant”

By Jackie Costello As many of you know, I LOVE to read. My favorite place on a Saturday afternoon, is our local bookstore that sells everything for $1.50. Scratch that, it’s on the first Monday of every month when books are half off for members! If you want to check out some of my books […]

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My lesson from Rich Dad, Poor Dad

by Jackie Costello If you know me, you know that I LOVE to read. So much so that I get caught up in wanting to finish ALL the books and attempt to read three books at once. When I was a kid, instead of going to bed when I was told, I would turn off […]

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Giving Tuesday

I am so happy that we live in a world that has “Giving Tuesday”, a movement that started six years ago in response to overconsumerism that was (and still is) attached to Black Friday and Cyber Monday. AND I’d hate to be a Negative Nancy BUT I do have some thoughts about this that aren’t what […]

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