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Review: The True Cost

By Alyssa Burlingame Disclaimer: all facts presented in this article come from the documentary itself. The True Cost is a documentary looking at the global fashion industry. I’m new to learning about the fashion industry and what it means to be fashion-conscious, and after watching this documentary I understand more than ever why being fashion […]

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The Soul Of Money

With the holidays right around the corner, I wanted to post this snippet from The Soul of Money by Lynne Twist. This book is amazing a great read, and really makes you think about voting with your dollar. (Please join my book club for a chance for me to send it to you- go to facebook and […]

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What I learned at my Thai cooking class

When we were in Thailand on our honeymoon, I thought that I was going to meet the artisans who make our Elephant Pants. Unfortunately, the trip to the factory fell through because of construction being completed there. I thought that meeting the artisans would help solidify why I am running a fair trade business, especially […]

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My “Why”

As a small business owner, it is important to have a “why”. It is not easy to start a business from the ground up. But having a big reason for when the struggle hits makes it easier to keep going. Here’s mine: I started this business just about two years ago and I am so […]

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Fair Trade Fashion Show in Downtown LA

After attending the first fair trade fashion show in 2015, I was extremely excited to start my business. I approached Katie Bond, who started of Peace Exchange and was a part of the panel that year, and we spoke briefly about what I should do. I began by her asking for some advice on where […]

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Thoughts from the Fair Trade Conference

After having a few weeks contemplate what I learned most at the Fair Trade Conference, I am writing a blog to help with my thoughts! I have owned The Golden Rule and have been working in the fair trade “world” for a full year now. As amazing as that is to me- I still feel […]

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First blog post! Here we go!!

Hey ethical world!! I am here to introduce The Golden Rule Boutique. We have been in existence since April, 2016. We are still just babies and learning so much! We sell fair trade clothing and accessories based in San Diego, California. The Golden Rule, simply put, means to do unto others as we would have […]

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