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Review: The True Cost

By Alyssa Burlingame Disclaimer: all facts presented in this article come from the documentary itself. The True Cost is a documentary looking at the global fashion industry. I’m new to learning about the fashion industry and what it means to be fashion-conscious, and after watching this documentary I understand more than ever why being fashion […]

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But… What is fair trade…

I go back and forth between talking about fair trade AS SOON as much customers walk in to … hey chill, let them fall in love with the products first. But, I do think that some of our followers on here might be in the same boat. You all might love our clothes and products […]

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What I learned at my Thai cooking class

When we were in Thailand on our honeymoon, I thought that I was going to meet the artisans who make our Elephant Pants. Unfortunately, the trip to the factory fell through because of construction being completed there. I thought that meeting the artisans would help solidify why I am running a fair trade business, especially […]

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My “Why”

As a small business owner, it is important to have a “why”. It is not easy to start a business from the ground up. But having a big reason for when the struggle hits makes it easier to keep going. Here’s mine: I started this business just about two years ago and I am so […]

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Fair Trade Fashion Show in Downtown LA

After attending the first fair trade fashion show in 2015, I was extremely excited to start my business. I approached Katie Bond, who started of Peace Exchange and was a part of the panel that year, and we spoke briefly about what I should do. I began by her asking for some advice on where […]

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Thoughts from the Fair Trade Conference

After having a few weeks contemplate what I learned most at the Fair Trade Conference, I am writing a blog to help with my thoughts! I have owned The Golden Rule and have been working in the fair trade “world” for a full year now. As amazing as that is to me- I still feel […]

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