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80/20 Sales and Marketing

By: Jackie Costello I am finding it so interesting how the business books I am reading keep tying back social issues like cheap labor, human trafficking and child marriages to make a point. That just proves how this is COMMON KNOWLEDGE. Human trafficking exists. Cheap labor and sweat shops exist. Child marriage exists. There are […]

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My lesson from Rich Dad, Poor Dad

by Jackie Costello If you know me, you know that I LOVE to read. So much so that I get caught up in wanting to finish ALL the books and attempt to read three books at once. When I was a kid, instead of going to bed when I was told, I would turn off […]

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Dressember Amy Wing Scannell You do not have to be a super advocate. This phrase from Blythe Hill’s Ted Talk gave me permission to let out a long exhale. Because it is a lot.  There are a lot of causes for which I want to champion; there is a lot of inequity in the world I wish to solve, and […]

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