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My life mission

My Life Mission What’s yours? Jackie Costello Brendon¬†Burchard is a personal growth leader focusing on high performance. My husband Jimmy and I went to his seminar in September. If you don’t know who he is, I highly recommend listening to his podcast.¬† Oprah has named him “one of the most influential leaders in personal growth […]

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Badassbabe Radio

By: Jackie Costello I stumbled upon Bianca Taylor more than a year ago. I’m not quite sure how I found her but remember following her on Instagram because she was one of the few female vegan fitness inspirations that I could find. She is super relatable and started her own company, Vegan Fitness, with her […]

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Why I love Freddie Mercury more now than ever

And how he taught me about self love: My husband and I love going to the movies. His friends might be confused by that statement, since neither of us have seen Star Wars and they can’t seem to let that go… But I digress. To say I was excited about seeing Bohemian Rhapsody was an […]

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