After attending the first fair trade fashion show in 2015, I was extremely excited to start my business. I approached Katie Bond, who started of Peace Exchange and was a part of the panel that year, and we spoke briefly about what I should do. I began by her asking for some advice on where to start and wondering if we could speak again in the future. She immediately said that if I have any passion for this I need to start. There is no time to waste. Those of course were not her exact words but that was her jist. And I took her advice to heart. There was no better time then when we spoke. If you have a passion and aren’t moving towards your goal- get started. There is no better time than this moment and you will never be more ready. The journey has been an interesting one, but I couldn’t be happier that I started. And through events like The Fair Trade Fashion Show I continue to meet like minded people who want to make a difference.

Two years later, I cannot begin to express how amazed I am at the Fair Trade Fashion Show and how much it has changed. I feel blessed to be able to attend and that I have begun on this journey. (It did help that I became vegan recently and there were a TON of vegan treats!!) There is still so many people that have to understand what is happening in the world when it comes to fast fashion. BUT what I can say is that in the last two years alone – the market has changed. People are understanding and become more aware, and there are clothes that are ethical and stylish. There is hope in what we are doing. There is progress. It felt amazing to be a part of something bigger than myself.  A part of a network. A part of change. I was surrounded by people who got it. Who knew ,that we can make a difference. That is empowerment.

Have faith that your purchases are making a difference for the artisans around the world. Try to be ethical where you can. There is no need for perfection, but one good decision helps one person. Each day, take one step at a time.

Thank you Sica Schmitz for putting on this amazing event and for carving the way for ethical fashion!

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