By: Jackie Costello

Before Dressember started, my husband and I hosted a friendsgiving and we all decided to play “What Do You Meme” after dinner. To start the game, the player with the most followers on Instagram goes first. This is how I knew that I had 917 followers on Instagram. This is not something that I normally keep track of on my personal page, only on The Golden Rule boutique’s. This is not a huge number of followers, but over the course of December I lost 21 of of those followers.

I was posting every day on my personal Instagram account asking friends and family to donate to Dressember. We had a team of five participate in Deressember, which is a wardrobe challenge that raises money to end slavery. Every day I posted facts about the realities of human trafficking. The realities of the tragedies going on in our world today. And in doing so, I noticed that my followers on Instagram started going down. We have been working so hard to build our Instagram following for the business that I started to take notice what was happening on my personal account, as well. I do not have a huge concern for the number of followers I have on my personal account, but did find it interesting that I was suddenly losing followers.

This might be because the posts about human trafficking and slavery were not congruent with my posts in the past. Often, I would just post pictures of things that I enjoy doing (no harm in that- helloooo views at the top of all of my hikes). Maybe no one knew or thought that I would be posting about human trafficking. And that would be my own fault for not speaking up about it sooner.

From now on, I am going to be talking about the difficult things. The things we tend to sweep under the rug. The things we pretend are not happening. I know that what I have to say matters and speaking up about ending slavery in our modern world is just the beginning. I am going to to consistently talking about ethics, vulnerabilities, daily challenges, self love, consistently talking.

These few people that unfollowed me leave more room for me to surround myself with people that won’t sweep things under the rug. Want to the learn the truth. Want justice. They are giving me space to find my tribe. The space to find more world changers.

During the month of December, The Golden Rule Boutique team raised $4,065 towards ending human trafficking (pending one last payment from a trusted donor ;)!). I am so so grateful for the community around us that helped raise that amount. I am so proud. Based on the total of 26 donors we had for Dressember, I know that I am in a community of world changers. I know that you are all willing to not only hear the difficult things but take action on them. You are a part of a world changing community, making it a better place and for that, I thank you.

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  • Carolyn Lief
    Carolyn Lief January 5, 2019 at 3:10 pm

    Keep the faith! Thank you.

    • Jackie
      Jackie Admin January 7, 2019 at 3:42 pm

      thank you!!

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