My life mission

My Life Mission

What’s yours?

Jackie Costello

Brendon Burchard is a personal growth leader focusing on high performance. My husband Jimmy and I went to his seminar in September. If you don’t know who he is, I highly recommend listening to his podcast.  Oprah has named him “one of the most influential leaders in personal growth and achievement”, and she might know what she’s talking about.

I have been working with my 1:1 business coach from Brendon Burchard for 11 weeks now. I have been so blessed to be able to work with my coach and have had some huge break throughs in the last two months. This past week we worked on creating my life mission. Something that is already in place, but that I could stand behind and show that my life is about. The point of this activity is to create a life with meaning. I struggle with feeling with my life is meaningful and that I have making an impact on the world. I want my life to matter- I want to have purpose. I loved this activity and working with my coach to help me celebrate that I am creating the life that I want.

My coach guided me and together we came up with this: “The purpose of my life is to be joyful and courageous, to be someone that people want to be around. I will be someone that lives with intention, bring good energy and not be afraid to do what’s right so that I can easily show that people matter, and ultimately create a better world in which people are free.”

As soon as I wrote this down, I became charged. What a beautiful mission to stand behind. I also love it because it does not have to be permanent. It is where I am at right now and I can change and edit it with time.  I have even added this to my morning routine, so that I will see it everyday and help myself to live intentionally. I can start thinking- how can I be joyful or courageous today? How can I live with intention today? How can I bring good energy to the people I see today?

Are we thinking daily about our life’s mission? Are we thinking even weekly, or monthly? Imagine if we all created our life’s mission and put it into words- were reminded of how we wanted to live on a daily basis. Could it change the world? I think adding a little intentionality (is that a word?) to the world, communities, neighborhoods, our dinners with friends- it could make a big difference.

How are we talking to one another? Are we really thinking about the words we say? Everything we do makes an impact.

I obviously talk about how you can vote with your dollar and the impact that that makes. BUT what about when you aren’t shopping. Are we living intentionally? Honestly, I think most of us are going through the motions. And believe me- I am at fault too. It’s not something I want to participate in any longer. I do not want to be going with the flow. I want to live my life with intention.

Maybe this is something we can all step into together.

What is your life mission?

Who do you want to be when you are with other people?

Let’s be better together.

Until next time. Live intentionally.



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