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  • $44.00

    Elegantees: Nisha Pocket tee in Mulberry

    • 95% Organic Cotton, 5% Spandex.
    • Machine wash cold, tumble dry low.
    • Shrinkage is minimal on the settings: Machine wash cold, Tumble dry low. If washing/drying on high heats and temps, shrinkage will occur about 1/2″ circumference in the body width, and about 1/2″ in the length. To avoid shrinkage with this item and all your cotton fabrics in general, do not put in the dryer.
  • $54.00

    Symbology Pineapple Tank Top

    Product Details

    • Machine wash gentle or hand wash and line dry
    • Hand printed in India
  • $48.00

    tonle: nearady top – grey natural dye

    Your impact from buying nearady top – grey natural dye compared to a conventionally produced item:
    – 146.2 days of drinking water saved
    -6.6 miles of driving emissions avoided
    -.2 lbs of harmful pesticides avoided