Why I’m mad at vegan fashion brands

Why I’m mad at vegan fashion brands

By: Jackie Costello

I think that it takes a lot to be conscious about the foods you buy and put into your body.  A lot of people go vegan to reduce their environmental impact. I have even heard vegans state that they have changed their diet because they care so much about people, which makes sense because of the direct impact eating meat has on the environment we HUMANS live in. In fact, it’s partially why I became vegan.

Everyone wants to talk about climate change until you mention animal agriculture and how bad it is for the environment. Look, I am not trying to convince you to stop eating meat, or give up cheese- at least not today in this blog post. However, I have been attending a lot of vegan festivals recently with The Golden Rule. If you are thinking consciously about where your food comes from, the next step is to think consciously about where your clothing and accessories come from. If you can make an association with the fact that animals are harmed for your food or that they spray chemicals all over our produce, you can also correlate that the people making your products can be harmed for a profit, as well.

While I attended these events, we had a great response to our brand. Unfortunately, I did not feel the same way about some of the vegan fashion brands that I saw. Most of the brands I saw had some really cute graphic tees that I loved. Simple even as “Vegan AF”, which I would totally rock. These were super soft tanks that I could live in. BUT, when I asked, where was this made? They had no idea and were shocked by the question.

To me fashion and what I eat are related. I want to know where each of these products are made and how. Unfortunately, these brand owners didn’t even consider slave labor, child labor, or human trafficking. Their cute tanks were made in Vietnam, Bangladesh or China.  And it surprises me that someone can be so woke in one area, but so asleep in another.

Shopping from a vegan fashion brand does not necessarily mean it is ethical. Yes, it means that there are no animals killed in the process of making the shirt, no animals parts, etc. What about the process of the shirt being made? What about the people behind the product?

This just gets me thinking about how brands can trick consumers into thinking they are a safe brand. When beauty products say “all natural” but there is no meaning for that term! It literally means nothing! It makes us as consumers think it’s safe but anything can say “all natural” on it.

I will say this over and over again, but please think about the people behind your products. Do research about your brands. Ask questions!

Sometimes I fall in love with products over instagram but can’t find any information about where the products are made. So , I comment on the instagram asking where is this bikini made? Almost always, I get a response within 24 hours. (I usually don’t like the answer, but won’t buy the product. AND at least the company knows that consumers are asking!)

I hope this gives you some tactics you can use in your own life and at least some things to think about.




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